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About Us

It was Alfonso and Christine's trip to India in 2008 when they first witnessed the raw and very real hardships that young girls faced each day. Alas, their trip came to a close. Their hearts, however, never left.

They decided to sponsor a girl. A girl whose smile, passion and friendship inspired them to devote their time and energy to doing more. Trips to India became an annual—even bi-annual adventure—and the mission was anything but a vacation, but instead a harsh reminder of so much left to do for these vulnerable girls.

Through continuous research, networking with grassroots organizations, fundraising and long nights of more contemplation than sleep, they committed themselves to a new mission—a mission to save more girls and combat the ongoing poverty-induced scenarios so many of them faced.

And so, Girl2B was created. Through education and vocational programs, we empower girls so they achieve financial and social independence, becoming agents of change in their communities. It's cause is strengthened by supporters like you.