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The G2B Team

Christine Paradinas

President and founder of Girl2B, Christine Paradinas has always poured her heart into everything she does. It was her curiosity, energy and passion that propelled her career in fashion merchandising—and also what led her to the establishment of Girl2B. Residing in New York City with Girl2B co-founder and husband Alfonso Paradinas, Christine spends most her time at Ralph Lauren Corporation as Vice President of Men’s Global Merchandising and running Girl2B, two full-time endeavors that Christine is strongly passionate about. Her experience and leadership in the fashion industry translates to her ability to manage Girl2B’s needs and teach girls about the importance of craft and expression.

When she’s not working at Ralph Lauren and Girl2B, Christine enjoys reading, yoga, cooking, traveling, spending time with friends and simply getting inspired by life. It was her love of travel that took her to India in 2004 where she and Alfonso first witnessed the suffering of many children. Regular trips to India since then only fortified their desire to help, first working with a girl’s home in Kolkata and ultimately establishing Girl2B in early 2012.

Today, Christine is in constant communication with “her girls” and relentlessly finding ways to raise awareness and support for Girl2B.

Christine and Alfonso“First and foremost I can bring my friends and co-workers closer to the issues that girls face in India. I can bring the problem right to their doorstep in a clear, non- threating way and make it easy for them to participate and give back. In the end we all want to help, but don’t know how to, or don’t know who to trust.”

Christine looks forward to continuing to build Girl 2B’s presence and impact, hoping to eventually touch the lives of many more girls in India, and beyond.

Alfonso Paradinas

Born and raised in Spain, a passionate madrileño from a big loving family, Alfonso began his career in fashion at Hugo Boss in Madrid. After meeting his wife Christine in 1999, he moved to her native New York in 2002 and worked for Camper and Ralph Lauren until in 2012, when he went on to create D∙Caged, a footwear brand, partnering with specialized manufacturers in his home country of Spain, in pursuit of his life’s passion for designing quality footwear.

His other true passion has always been helping those less unfortunate. At an early age, he first witnessed inequality and poverty in Tripoli, Libya, where his family lived for 2 years.

Always smiling, de-dramatizing issues and solution focused, he is a force of passion and inspiration to everyone involved in Girl2b, in the US, in Spain, and in India.

Alfonso truly believes this generation has the proper tools, and thus the responsibility to create real social change in the developing world.

Vicky Guidetti

Vicky GuidettiFashion designer, mother of two and entrepreneur, Vicky Guidetti knows good taste when she sees it. It wasn’t long after she and Christine reconnected, then, that Vicky was captivated by Girl2B’s mission and inspired to help. With a past in fundraising with her mother for displaced Romanian orphans and an eye-opening trip to India in 2008, Vicky felt compelled to help Girl2B. Her discerning, creative eye, sound leadership and more than 20 years of fashion experience are invaluable assets, making Vicky an irreplaceable board member and contributor to the team.

After graduating from a leading art and design school in the UK and receiving a masters at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London, Vicky worked alongside renowned English menswear designer Alfred Dunhill before being recruited to New York for her talents by Donna Karan. Her work later led her to a Paris-based position at Louis Vuitton and the debut of her own menswear line, VGrantham. Since then, Vicky has consulted for various international brands and lectured at the Marangoni Institute in London. Vicky now lives in New York with her husband and two children and works as a consultant for an emerging Italian company.

Sophia Berbilis

Vicky GuidettiSophia Berbilis comes to Girl2B from Cleveland, Ohio. After graduating from Ohio State in Fashion Merchandising, she decided to pursue a career in New York, where she ultimately met Christine & Alfonso Paradinas and had the opportunity to travel to India and see first-hand what inspired Christine and Alfonso to found Girl2B.

It was her personal connection when meeting the girls in India in 2009—hearing their stories, witnessing their hardships—that inspired Sophia to volunteer her time to Girl2B and help execute its mission.

As a woman, you naturally want to see women succeed in life.  Girl2B is an important organization that gives young girls the chance to become women…and see the importance of self-respect and empowerment so that they have the ability and strength to accomplish anything in life.

When she’s not working or volunteering her time to Girl2B, Sophia—a food and wine enthusiast—likes to travel, cook, exercise and experience new adventures. She also dedicates her time to other non-profits and initiatives, such as Habitat for Humanity, St. Jude’s Hospital and Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.