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Through the empowerment of education, Girl2B Foundation works to give every young girl a chance to reach her full potential, freeing her from the unfair cycle of poverty, and making her an agent of change.


A world in which girls enjoy a life of health and equal opportunity. Where a girl's education is not a privilege but a daily reality, and where women and girls are treated with dignity and respect regardless of their birthplace.


Girl2B partners with local foundations to provide a safe and stimulating place for girls to learn, to live, to grow. We provide refuge for girls living in poverty to start a new life free of injustices. Educational resources, medical attention and psychological support guarantee each girl has everything she needs to be empowered and ultimately succeed.

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We believe that learning must be practical and based on real life needs. The girls2b attend various formal schools in Kolkata, including university and vocational training when needed. Their weekly meetings with our social workers give them the opportunity to check in, ask questions, and gain the confidence they need. They are learning every day whether they are in school, taking public transport, running errands in the city, eating their meals together, or just being girls. We provide her with the tools

We provide the girls2b with a safe and stimulating environment where she can learn and grow. Their new environment helps them integrate into society and begin their journey towards a life of possibilities.

All girls are closely monitored, given confidence, counseled and empowered.

We ultimately provide the tools needed for these girls To GROW into confident and healthy women. By providing them with career guidance and access to medical attention they will be on their way to a healthy adult life.

The girls2b are encouraged to participate in volunteer programs, therefore, empowering them to become agents of change. There is a consistent desire to give back to other girls in society. Think of the impact when we help them

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